We're growing, 
the shine on all of our lives.


Later?  No. we'll do our best now.

We respect the members who would have had a fierce day to produce the best results.

Not postpone creating an environment worthy of valuable effort and treating members fully.

Working together to create results and improve individual lives through appropriate compensation is the most desired direction of success for our company.

Thank you for being with us

Benefits 1

a flexible working environment
  •  Working from home on Mondays, Fridays (9-10:00 to work)  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (8-11:00 to work)

  • Going hospital is comfortable without a year off! 
    (Free use of the hospital for 2 hours a month)

Benefits 2

Get plenty of rest
  • Family Day, once a month, for 4 hours
    Late morning/afternoon going work or 
    early leaving work
  • Club Day 
     (Making good memories with team members for
     4 hours once a month)
  • Refreshing leave of absence per month for 3,6 or 9 years of service

Benefits 3

Offered by Company
  • Lunch support when you go to the office
  • Support for bus and subway transportation expenses when going to the office
  • Operating an in-house snack bar
  • Comprehensive medical examination expenses are provided every year

Benefits 4

Personal growth is the growth of the company
  • Full support for work-related online and offline lectures
  • Support for books and various programs
  • Support for the latest laptop OR computers


Introduce the company culture
 of Mindrepublic.


Join Mindrepublic, 
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lead the market trend.

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